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High-Quality Leather Repairs in Scottsdale, AZ

Do you have old boots, belts, or bags that have seen better days? Breathe new life into your fashion accessories by seeking the services of ARIEL'S SHOE REPAIR, INC. We offer comprehensive leather repairs in Scottsdale, AZ, fixing and restoring all types of leather goods. With over 18 years of experience, our team will ensure that your leather accessories look as good as the day you bought them. Visit our Shop or contact us to learn more about our repair services or to discuss the options available for your leather pieces.

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Go Further in Your Shoes

Your favorite shoes go through a lot, especially when you wear them often. Rather than replacing your favorite pair, bring them to us for professional shoe and boot repair.

Our team will restore your footwear by replacing the soles, changing insoles, recoloring them, and patching holes or other issues. We pay special attention to ensure your repaired shoes are indistinguishable from a new pair.

When you’ve spent time breaking in your favorite pair of shoes, it can be hard to let them go in favor of buying new. Extend the life of your shoes by talking to us about shoe repair. It’s never too late to breathe new life in your boots, flats, pumps, or sandals. We often become quite attached to footwear shaped to our feet because it feels like an old friend. When you slip on a comfortable pair of shoes, you know you can trust them to take you where you need to go. Think of how many miles and adventures you’ve spent with that old pair, and give them the treatment they deserve for carrying you over hundreds of surfaces.

Introducing your feet to new shoes can be frustrating and sometimes painful, not to mention the expense of new footwear. Wearing in leather and acclimating your feet to a different style takes time. Shoe repair costs a fraction of the price of a new pair, and your shoes will look brand new when you get them back. It will be like buying them all over again, except they are already perfectly suited to your feet. Call today or stop in and give your favorite footwear a second lease on life.

Fixing up Well-Traveled Bags

An old satchel, purse, or carryall can become like a valued and trustworthy friend. It becomes more than a useful accessory. It assumes the role of a comfortable and reliable part of your wardrobe. In some cases, it even can be seen as a part of your persona. It’s quite likely not difficult for you to think of examples of people you know who are never seen without their easily identifiable purse. One is associated with the other.

Just like all old friends, however, sometimes they get affected by the ravages of time. In those cases, they need a dose of tender, loving, care and handbag repair from the experts at ARIEL’S SHOE REPAIR, INC.

When you have a favorite handbag or piece of luggage, you typically will take it everywhere you go. However, all this traveling means extra wear and tear. When your leather bag starts to look travel-worn, bring it to us for expert purse and luggage repair.

Bags that have provided yeoman service to you over the years and stood as an inseparable and dependable companion deserve to be treated with respect. In some cases, these purses and packs get better with age. Bags like that just feel better in your hand or strapped across your shoulder. The leather is supple and the sides soft and pliable, yet strong. A purse or carrying case like that deserves a further lease on life with handbag repair. It shouldn’t be relegated to the donation bin or trash heap.

Our team will fix worn leather spots, replace damaged zippers, and recolor and refinish all brands and styles of bag. No matter what issues you are having with your handbags, our team has the solutions you need.

Whether your leather luggage has been around the globe or just up the road, it runs the risk of becoming road-weary. If your bag is looking a little run down by travel, talk to us about brightening up its day. We know how to give your leather luggage the tender loving care it deserves to help it last for years to come. You need to be sure that wherever the road takes you, your possessions will be in the bag when you get there. Don’t chance a ripped seam or a crack in the leather; you might be surprised what you’re missing when you arrive at your destination. 

From reconditioning to repairs, we understand that travel isn’t always kind to our suitcases. Although leather luggage is the experienced traveler’s choice, it requires care to stay looking great and working hard on your adventures. No matter how many times you’ve traversed the earth, remember that your bag has been by your side the whole way, so give it some special treatment. Stay ahead of scuffs, cracks, rips, and unraveling seams with expert attention from our repair specialists. Call now, and we can make your leather luggage look like new before it’s time to hit the road again.